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How to Update Rand McNally Maps?

How to Update Rand McNally Maps

It is software that has been created to assist users in maintaining their GPS maps and gadgets. Furthermore, it is a highly user-friendly application with a straightforward interface, and the download process is also easy. Moreover, the below steps will help you with the Rand McNally maps update.

Steps to update Rand McNally Maps

Rand McNally Maps Update for your device

The first step in updating your device is registering it at the Dock as soon as possible after purchase. This is important as it allows the user to access all the updates and other details that are specific to his Rand McNally model. Follow the following steps to Rand McNally GPS map update on your devices if your device has already been registered. 

  • First, connect your GPS device to two charging points and let it charge fully. Also, it is suggested that it should be connected to the charging point throughout the downloading process.
  • Then, switch on your GPS device and accept the terms and conditions when the message appears on the screen. As, it will direct you to the main menu screen of the device.
  • Next, you are asked to switch on your computer also deliberately because you will have to connect it to the device in further steps.
  • As mentioned above, connect your computer to the internet first and then to the GPS device using a USB cable.
  • Once it gets connected to your computer it will automatically detect the device and connect to it systematically, and a message will appear displaying “Connected.”
  • Now, this way, you will be able to see Rand McNally Dock on your computer screen, and the user interface of the Rand McNally dock will appear on the screen, where you will find different options for different functions.
  • Further, select the option” Available updates.” It will open a list of all the updates available for the connected device and its map.
  • Here, you will have to select “GPS updates” from this list and then click on” begin download.”
  • In addition, the download procedure will start. When the process is done, it will show the confirmation message also.
  • Additionally, click on the “Transfer” tab.
  • As, it will initiate the transfer of the updated application from your computer to your device. Once the transfer is done, the updates are correctly installed on your device. The Dock will also notify the same.
  • Then click on the back button. You will redirect back to the homepage window.
  • Although, you can disconnect the device and restart it to check.

Steps to update Rand McNally Maps on your tablet

  • Firstly, ensure that your tablet is charged and connected to a suitable Wi-Fi network. Also, once the installation or downloading procedure gets started, you are advised not to install or launch the GPS application. 
  • Now, the next thing to be sure of is that your tablet’s operating system has to be up to date. Also, verify that your device is operating on the recently updated software only. You can go to RM launcher-> System updater. Tap on the” Install all updates” option if the update has not been done 
  • Then, once entire files are downloaded, installed, and verified, the Rand McNally GPS map update data update will also begin automatically. A notification box will pop up on your screen then. It will ask you not to use your tablet until the update is finished. The entire process takes around 20 to 25 minutes to finish. Which also depends on the internet connection that you have.
  • Next, go to System Updater and click on “Check for updates” just to verify that all updates are done on your tablet. You have to continue this procedure until you get a message on your screen displaying, “System is up to date.”
  • Now, the next step is to verify the correct data and the application’s version. This completes your whole procedure to update Rand McNally maps.

Troubleshooting Rand McNally map

  • Incorrect date and time on the device – All these problems of wrong time, false speedometer reading, and inaccurate data are not going to affect the functionality of the GPS. But these problems are of good importance. So, the only way to solve it is to send in the device for repair. Though, the user can call the toll-free number for this, that is, to get the device repaired.
  • Rand McNally dock not working – If your software is not working correctly, then you must take correct steps. It is essential to solve this problem as soon as possible because it supports the GPS in your device.